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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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bed on their wedding night. number three, joy is sick of barbara walters bugging her to get married. and number two, a career move, joy hoping to get on the cover of "bride's magazine" aarp edition z number one reason why they decided to get married? joy is eecting twins >> congratulations joy behar. that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. go to greta o'reilly factor is next. >> laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> everybody here has got a vote. if we go back, we keep our eye on the prize, let's take these son of a (bleep) back and take america back. >> you you are the only folks keeping the bar barracks back.
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>> attacking republicans and the tea party. what happened to the president's call for civility? >> i'm talking about a program of a trillion dollars or more. >> the public should want what i want but it doesn't. >> despite the $14 trillion in debt, the far left still demanding trillions more in spending. is this what obama will propose in his big speech thursday night? we'll have a preview. >> obama's hope has changed us from a country of hope to one of anxiety. >> this president will have accumulated more debt than all the prior presidents combined! >> plus who is in, who is out? who is up and who is down in the republican presidential race? karl rove and ann coulter will name names. >> laura: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now.
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>> hey, everybody. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. he'll be back tomorrow. and what happened over the weekend? well, karl rove is going to be here moment tearily to analyze the republican presidential race. but first, so much for the new age of civility as the democratic party declares war on the tea party and republicans as well. now, using violent rhetoric and racially charged language, yesterday president obama was in detroit to give a labor day speech. teamsters president jimmy hoffa was part of the event and he lacerated the tea party before the president took the stage. >> we got to keep an eye on the battle that we face, the war on workers and you see it everywhere and it is the tea party. and there is only one way to beat and win that war, the one thing about working people is we like a good fight. and you know what? they got a war, they got a war
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with us and there is only going to be one winner. it's going to be the workers of michigan and america! we're going to win that war! president obama, this is your army. we are ready to march. everybody here has got to vote. if we go back and we keep the eye on the prize, let's take these son of a (bleep) out and give america back to america where we belong! thank you very much! >> laura: it almost seemed like a competition for who could best denigrate the tea party movement. joe biden, of course, was in the running. as he urged union members in cincinnati to take the fight to republicans. >> this is a fight for the heart and soul of the labor movement. it's a fight literally for our right to exist. you are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates. >> laura: literally. meanwhile, you can always count on jesse jackson to take us down the racial divide. he warned that the tea party and republicans want to bring back
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slavery. >> this is a civil war struggle, are you with the union? are you with the states? they have a debate in iowa two weeks ago. all of them are for the 10th amendment. that's the slave amendment. they want to undermine the 13, 14, 15th amendment. this is very serious. >> laura: that's a lot of amendments to undermine. well, what a difference eight months makes. remember how democrats, including president obama, called on all americans to dial back the inflammatory rhetoric following the shooting of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords? >> at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do, it's important for us to pause for a
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moment and make sure that we're talking with each other in a way that heals. not in a way that wounds. >> laura: why hasn't the president condemned the hateful language coming from his closest allies? well, maybe it's because this way he gets to stay above the fray as his surrogates do the dirty work. plus, he needs these people fired up in order to get reelected. so is this the kind of campaign we can expect from the left in the upcoming election? what happened to hope and change? joining us now from new york city, our brack in a hard place duo, alan comes and monica crowley. i have to start with you comes. >> mr. comes. >> sorry. when i go across the country, i give speeches and people come up to me and they say, what about alan colmes? many are conservatives. we love to see him on, we throw stuff at the tv. the first thing i say about you and no joke, is that allen is the nicest guy.
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>> vicious lie. >> laura: monica knows him better. but i always say you're the nicest guy. i can't imagine you would ever use that language that jimmy hoffa used or say the republicans are like slave masters. basically that's what jesse jackson said. >> i'm so thrilled to hear republicans call for civility. maybe joe wilson will stop saying what he said a week ago that he was right about obama being a liar. maybe marilyn davenport, gop official in orange county, california, will take back the fact she portrayed obama's parents as monkeys and maybe we will have civility on the left now. -- on the right. i'm so glad to hear the right wing finally call for civility -- >> laura: i'm not calling for civility. i'm not calling for civility. i've never been one to say, oh, we have to change our words. that was the democrats doing that. this is -- i hear what you're saying. we're not talking about some
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obscure gop official in orange county. we're talking about the vice president of the united states and we're talking about the head of one of the biggest labor leaders in the united states. and again, republicans aren't the hypocrites here. they're not calling for the new civility. i wasn't. go ahead. >> i was speaking about congress people, elected officials, i'm talking about gop officials. i'm talking about the husband of a candidate, leading candidate for republicans. he can be the first man of the united states. >> laura: but they're not calling for civility. it was democrats who said to stop this uncivil language. >> speaking out about these lack of civilities. so i'm glad to hear the right coming out -- >> laura: i don't think you're hearing what i'm saying. i think more speech is better. i think some people will go over the line and i think they end up making fools of themselves. they make jimmy hoffa look like a fool. my point, monica, is where are we here when this is the kind of
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stuff going on? is this more about the democrats kind of want to deflect attention from them and put the spotlight on someone else by using this kind of language? what's going on? >> laura, let's take a step back for a second. we have 14 point $6 trillion in national debt. the tea party emerged in early 2009 to try to bring the nation's fiscal health back into order. that meant calling for restraints on spending and bringing down the deficit and the debt. for their efforts, they have been routinely smeared as racist, sexist, homophobes, terrorists by the vice president of the united states, two weeks ago maxine waters, a sitting member of congress, told the tea party to go straight to hell. we have been routinely smeared and the point is that in this country, to have a rational conversation seems almost impossible these days and for the left, here is the double standard, laura -- for the left, when they go out and protest and agitate, whether it's against the vietnam war, the iraq war, you name it, that's a beautiful
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exercise of the first amendment. but when conservatives and regular americans go out and exercise their first amendment rights, all of a sudden, they're racist, unruly, hysterical, irrational mob. i think a lot of people are seeing these comments come out of hoffa and by the way, to have the president of the united states get up after hoffa's comments yesterday and greet those comments with crickets and humble weeds rather than a direct condemnation of the tone, he didn't have to back away from what hoffa was saying standtively, but to back off and say, wait a minute, that's not the kind of language or conversation we want to have in america these days, the president didn't do it. and today still the white house had no comment. >> laura: alan, i think alan's point earlier, you were saying, look, both sides are guilty of this. i think you're right. i do think, however, democrats really did set down the gauntlet in january, did they not? >> not enough to say that both sides of guilty. but i don't hear the right getting upset when i was wrong last week, by the way, on this show, when i said that john
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lewis was spit upon by a tea party group, it was emmanuel cleaver who -- >> laura: never happened. >> by the way, it never happened that joe biden called them toyses either. you can debate or not debate. >> laura: alan, can i ask you a question? beyond the rhetoric, 'cause i think in the end, i don't think most people in the country, the language that's used, it's kind of interesting, but the bottom line is what's happening to america right now. and i actually woke up in the middle of the night last night, as i often do and i thought about a lot of things. i was thinking about the debate and what will happen this week. i thought about the democrats. i really did. i thought, if i'm a democrat today, why are you guys still betting on obama? alan, you are a smart guy. you can't believe that of all the people in the united states today, all the democrats, business owners and so forth, that obama is the most qualified to handle these big challenges. do you? >> thanks for telling me what i can't believe. he will be reelected. >> laura: but it's not my question. that wasn't my question.
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>> he has had a number of accomplishments besides killing bin laden, besides health care reform. lowering taxes on middle class americans. i think history will show that he's doing much better in the long-term than the perception may be right now. >> laura: so you think he's the most qualified person to be the president of the united states? >> he's proved his qualifications. >> alan wants to talk about the perception. but the economic reality is this country is in an economic catastrophe and obama's poll numbers reflect that. >> let me hear the republican plan to fix it other than lower taxes. tell me what the plan is. >> laura: this family feud has got to stop with this commercial break. monica and alan -- alan, you don't know how to handle a compliment. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. >> laura: see. and directly ahead, big spenders on the left like maxine waters seem to want -- they want obama to spend another trillion bucks more? is this what he'll propose in his economic speech on thursday? we'll have a preview and karl rove will look at the gop presidential race. is it now down to a two-man
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>> laura: in the impact segment, president obama challenging republicans patriotism on economic matters. lidge to what he said at a labor day rally yesterday in detroit. >> we're going to see if we've got some straight shooters in congress. we're going to see if congressional republicans will put country before party.
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we'll give them a plan and we'll say, do you want to create jobs? then put our construction workers back to work rebuilding america. do you want to help our company succeed? open up new markets for them to sell their products. you say you're the party of tax cuts? well, then prove you'll fight just as hard for tax cuts for middle class families as you do for oil companies and the most affluent american. show us what you got. >> laura: some of president obama's biggest supporters continue to lobby for more massive spending despite the crushing national debt. >> the president must be bold. i agree that he must have a jobs program, must create jobs. i'm talking about a program of a trillion dollars or more. we've got to put americans to work. that's the only way to revitalize this economy. >> laura: come on, a trillion, a gay glial i wouldn't know, whatever.
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is this the direction president obama intends to take us in? let's bring in two of our best liberal minds, fox news analyst lesley marshall in los angeles and with me in washington, juan williams. tell me, maxine waters wants us to spend a trillion dollars. in the president's wildest dreams, would he in any way propose that on thursday, given what we're seeing with the national debt? >> i think there is a lot of pressure on the president to be bold, to take some action that could be seen as large as opposed to these kind of smaller bites at the apple that include some of the kind of shop worn ideas he's been through before. so people are looking for a big idea. a trillion, i think, is too much. >> laura: people don't want to hear the t word, lesley. i think they hear the t word and it brings them back to the $14 trillion of debt. now we learn from the white house that the real specifics, the nitty-gritty of this plan, officially from the deficit, won't come for days after the
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speech. it will have some of the initial of its, but not all of them. >> i think that's wise. i think we have short attentions as americans and we want to hear the details, but not necessarily all in one speech. speaking to the trillions, i agree with you, laura, and i don't think, although the president i think is going to be bold, i think he's going to be smarter than he is bold. the reason for that is, i think he has to look at what can i do, i'm up for reelection here, this is all that i've got. what can i do not only to keep his position, but for the american people in the next 12 months to just gung ho, turn this economy around, create jobs because the stimulus was a sogree withlan. congresswoman waters, that's in the what we're going to hear and what he'll do. >> laura: we found out tomorrow, juan, that nancy pelosi's office and top democrats say they're not going to use the word stimulus any longer. they're going to talk about generic growth and growing the economy. but for some reason, the word stimulus is now out of vogue. doesn't that in and of itself tell us that the stimulus plan
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as it was conceived, as it was passed didn't really get them where they wanted it to get us? >> i think your success as a talk show host, people who have been beating up on the president and on his economic plan and specifically the idea of stimulus, that stimulus was supposed to deliver us from the days of 8 or 9% unemployment and drive unemployment down and it hasn't happened. so then everybody blames the stimulus and the stimulus has become a stink bomb. oh, don't mention the stimulus. it's very unpopular with the american people, even though economists right and left say we do need the government to spend some money. we need government intervention here because the private sector, despite booming on wall street, is not hiring people. >> laura: when you look back, though, in the first two years of the administration, the white house, senate and congress were all in democrat hands. the president and the democrats decided they were really going to put their juice behind the health care bill. they got that passed. came at a big political price, but they got it passed. when you look back, was that the right way to go? they had control. you can't blame the tea party
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for the first two years of governance. yet the stimulus that was passed that the president himself wasn't as shovel ready as he thought, certainly didn't deliver on the promises that he himself and joe biden said it was going to deliver on. >> no, but i think there is such a thing as obstructionism and defaming everything legislative thumb -- >> laura: forget the tea party, juan. lesley, i want ou both. these numbers today that came out, "washington post," abc, "wall street journal," across the board are disasterous for the president. >> correct. >> laura: i hadn't seen a democrat today who is defending these numbers. this is a widespread belief that what's happening in washington and how this president has we just had a very negative
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labor report, jobs report, numbers. they're not happy with that. what's going on economically on an international level. but when we talk about the stimulus, even though people, americans left or right may not like the word, the reality is, and i know people will throw their shoes at me for this, juan, i hope you're back of me on this, the stimulus was working. okay? and acts of god such as -- not only the middle east crisis, but mother nature played a huge role. so the stimulus would work, and adding more money and government spending, i agree with juan, left and right, would work, but right now that's what the american people don't want to hear that. we were losing over 700,000 jobs a month. zero is better than 700,000 jobs. >> laura: i don't think i want to put that on a campaign poster. what i asked alan colmes last segment after we talked about the rhetoric and you heard president obama using straight shooter right after the son of a b and the nasty war language and everything. i guess you can use shooters
8:21 pm
now. you couldn't use a target if you're sarah palin. thinking about the landscape today, is he really the best democrat out there to lead this country out of this economic disaster? the most qualified? everyone in the country, every democrat leader. if you could switch him out right now, would you? >> no. i mean, i understand the fantasy and keep thinking the -- >> laura: i'm thinking that. >> i think a lot of people are thinking about hillary clinton. i've heard that batted around. but i haven't heard anybody else. remember, he's the president of the united states. even if you ask the national association of business economists, conservative economists do we need a tax hike, yes, but you'll never hear from a conservative. >> laura: i'm just thinking as a democrat, do you think he's working? >> i don't think he's having much success at the moment. i will say he got a bad hand coming in. but in terms of what we expected, you know what? he hasn't been able to perform. >> laura: if you could switch him out and someone else would have the billion dollar war chest, would you? >> no. >> laura: okay. >> i understand the fantasy, but
8:22 pm
he's a really smart guy and i do believe this. i think he cares about america and he's fighting for america. >> laura: i appreciate it. great to see you. karl rove is up with his thoughts on the gop race. is it now just a fight between rick perry and mitt romney? and ann coulter will be here and she's going to tell us where she thinks governor palin will end up and whether or not she should run for president, coming up.
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>> laura: in "the factor" follow-up segment tonight, it looks like it could be turning into a two-man race already in the republican presidential primary between rick perry and mitt romney. but perry is way ahead right now, according to the latest polls. politico has the race at 36% for perry. 17% for romney. "wall street journal" poll says it's 38 perry. 23 romney. and the latest fox news poll is
8:26 pm
26% are going for perry. 18% for romney. all other candidates, including michelle bachman and ron paul come in at ten points or less in all the polls. let's bring in the best man to make accepts of the polling, karl rove who joins us from austin. everyone thought -- i shouldn't say everyone. i thought and some other people that this was going to be perry, bachman, and then the winner of that matchup was the person who ultimately took the fight to the more moderate, mitt romney. does this mean that michelle bachman with these polls, this early, this far out is kind of marginalized herself out of this race? >> she could be, but let's not call it over before it's over. we got a long way to go. sent, october, november, december, january and we start voting in february. but you're right. rick perry is now the front runner, as you said, he leads 26 over o romney's 18 and everybody else is in single digits. here is the cautionary note. let's remember that in 2008 at
8:27 pm
exactly this time, the front runner was rudy guiliani with 30. followed by fred thompson at 27, john mccain at 14, mitt romney at 11, and mike huckabee who turned in to, as you recall, a serious contender, below 10%. so we're relatively early in these national polls. perry has gotten a good bump. he's now the front runner. there is no ifs, ands or butts. what is happening in the early states? because people in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, particularly the first two, had been paying more attention to these candidates, have seen them more and have more firm opinions than do people in states like oregon or washington or florida or colorado or california, who are only now starting to wake up to the process. if you take a look at the individual state polls, in iowa, this was run by a pro-perry group, 24 perry, 22 bachman, 19 romney. that's clustered in there.
8:28 pm
in a state like this, it's up for grabs. in new hampshire, 36 romney, 18 perry, ron paul at 14. and bachman below 10%. in south carolina, perry at 31, romney -- >> laura: lift that board up. we don't need a graphic department. now we lose them. there we are. is this bachman in south carolina. >> it says to me bachman is still in this thing, but she's got to focus on iowa. what's interesting is the rumor is that she's got a very small war chest and that she's thinking about deploying it and trying to win the florida straw poll. the last straw poll to have an impact on the general election was the iowa straw poll. what's going to happen now is if she wants to play beyond iowa, she better play heavy in iowa and hope that gives her a bump coming out of iowa. >> laura: so many people e-mail into my radio show tomorrow if i don't ask. what is it with you and rick perry? is this some old animosity? is this some texas thing? is there something there? let's get it all out in the open. is it the old bush crowd and
8:29 pm
perry, they don't like each other? >> you're asking the wrong guy. look, rick perry has been nothing but very kind to me and look, that was one of the two guys that sat in a room in 1989 and convinced him to be a republican. and run for office, statewide office. i handled his campaigns in '90 and '91. >> laura: do you think he's ungrateful to president bush? >> no, no. well, look, here is the deal, all i have seen between the two men is graciousness. but look, here is the time magazine story. in it, it quotes lots of perry people and it says perry served as bush lieutenant governor before succeeding him, but they've never been close. i know that not to be true. they're very close. you saw last friday, they announced their national team. somebody immediately leaked they said, we've got a team that works closer than the bush team did in 2000. where did that come from? >> laura: where is all the bush money going to go? >> there is a spat of stories a
8:30 pm
couple weeks ago that said bush never wanted perry to win. where did that come from? >> laura: i don't know. that's why i'm asking you. where about the money on the side line -- >> are you asking -- you're asking the wrong guy. >> laura: what about the ranger money, the bush pioneer money. we have mutual friends, all friends of mine, brad freeman, all these other guys, they're big supporters of george w. bush. they're great people. a lot of people have the money on the side lines and perry needs that money. does he not, to make a real run at romney? >> he's getting a lot of the bush money in texas. not all of it. but he's got to go earn it. he's got to pick up the phone and call people. he's got to have his people call the bush people. what i hear around the country is that some of the people got calls from pawlenty, some from romney, some from bachman. but perry is just now into the race and he needs to pick up the phone and dial those people. last week he was in louisiana talking to some of the bush people. he was in dallas last week talking to some people who had been big supporters of bush. he's just into the race and we'll see how it pans out.
8:31 pm
but these people who are behind who -- not perry himself, but whoever talked to time magazine and said they're not close, is not doing perry any favors. perry and bush are good close friends. why is the staff intent upon doing this? >> laura: if you could have like 20 seconds with mitt romney and help him be a better campaigner, what is like the 20 seconds of advice you would give him? >> he needs to confront the massachusetts healthcare issue and deal with obama's claims that all he did was model it on massachusetts. >> laura: let's see if he listens. carl, thanks so much. great to see you. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. is sarah palin going to run for president? everybody seems to be thinking yes, then no. ann coulter on the pros and cons of a palin candidacy. is ge putting america's national security at risk by selling information to china? we'll have an update coming up.
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>> laura: in the person story segment, sarah palin using a tea party event in new hampshire over the weekend to take some shots at president obama's big government ideology. >> what exactly is barak obama's plan? what does he actually seek to accomplish after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet? the answer is to make government bigger, to take more of your money and give it to more special interests, and to give you more orders from washington, and to reduce the strength of america in a dangerous world. >> laura: a lot of people, that sure sounds like a potential presidential contender. but palin still has not thrown her hat into the ring. and has that train already left the station anyway? according to a fox news poll, 70% -- 74% of americans don't want palin to run in 2012. 20% think she should run.
8:36 pm
so what exactly is sarah palin up to at this point? joining us now from new york, ann coulter, author of "demonic" ann, this has been a long tease with sarah palin and at some point that tease, i guess has got to deliver or just go away. what's going to happen here? >> maybe not newt gingrich carried it on for 15 years and i kind of think that might be what we're getting here. largely because of the polls. i mean, you just showed the fox news poll, gallup took a poll, five, six months ago, showing that not quite as high as 74%, but 65% said they would never definitely, positively, ever vote for sarah palin. now, you know, anyone who is going to run for president is going to be doing his own polling, or in this case, her own polling, and so it doesn't seem likely that with those numbers she would run. it doesn't really matter, i might add, that oh, it's the
8:37 pm
media's fault and they attacked her and saw her as a threat, all of which i believe is true. none the less, yet and still it has worked and most americans don't want sarah palin for president. but she's become sort of the obama of the tea party. she's just the one to a certain segment of right wingers and the tiniest criticism of her, i think many of your viewers may not know this, no conservative on tv will criticize her because they don't want to deal with the hate mail. you say her voice is a few octaves too high or michelle bachman's speaking voice is more moderated and you will be inundated with e-mails. >> laura: that's just because you and i have really low voices. so we can't both be higher voiced. at some point, and in all seriousness, the country is looking for people like palin, whip up the crowd, there's a place for that. i think we need that. but people -- when i talk to
8:38 pm
them, they seem to be desperate and hungry more so than ever for real substance beyond kind of the bumper sticker stuff and obama is driving the country down, and that's all true, but that's kind of like paul ryan or chris christie and even today, mitt romney, his jobs plan that he laid out, went after china, big on energy independence. it was very substantive. i don't know if that will help him or not, but i think people want to chew over that stuff. she had to do more of that heavy lifting on the policy stuff. i think to be taken seriously. i just simply think she's not all that interested in it and i like sarah palin, but i don't think she seems all that interested in digging really, really deep on that stuff. >> no, i agree and i think she's terrific at what she does, but i tend to agree with you. i got sick of it with newt gingrich, too, fish or cut bait because you are ginning up this group of americans who will not even consider anyone else. we used to all love sarah palin,
8:39 pm
conservatives like me for her enemies. i'm starting to dislike her because of her fans. she does get things wrong. she wouldn't have to. i think she's bright, but her good points do not seem to be in the direction of running for president. just like newt gingrich, just run so we can get this over with. >> laura: chris christie, i know you like him a lot and other folks who haven't got into this race, but given how bad things are in the country right now, the polls that we just referenced previous segment, 70% plus of the country thinking we're on the wrong track. consumer confidence at an all-time low. obama is in the toilet with his numbers. we need these people who are smart to be in this race and i actually think it's borderline irresponsible if you can win the presidency and take these people down, you've got to get in the race. even if i don't like people like jeb bush. >> i would follow up with that by saying, because there is an incorrect statement that is often made by many conservatives out there. yes, it's true that liberals
8:40 pm
will accuse some republicans of being unelectable, just because they don't want to face those republicans. but that doesn't mean there is no such thing as unelectable. and similarly, yes, it's true, that liberals will call even smart conservatives stupid. that doesn't mean when a liberal calls you stupid, it proves you're smart. you have to do something else to prove you're smart. there is such a thing as electable and republicans, conservatives ought to be focused on that like a laser beam because i agree obama has a glass jar and we've got to get this guy out if we want to turn the country around. >> laura: what do you make of perry? he's really jumped out ahead, i think further than even strong conservatives were predicting. they thought it was going to be bachman and perry fighting it out. but now it seems for the time being, a two-man race. >> yes, it does. i think it shows unease with the front runner, mitt romney. and i suppose we're going to see more in the next week or so, people tend to put all their homes and dreams in a candidate when he first throws his hat in
8:41 pm
a ring and then you see a little bit more of him, he's not very good on illegal immigration. he supported in state tuition for illegal aliens. he opposes a border fence. and so on. that's a big issue for most conservatives. and they're probably completely unaware of what his position is. so i expect some of those numbers will be going down. >> laura: his points on china today, mitt romney's points on china, i thought were excellent and we need to see more of that from romme. but you're right, it's very early. ann, great to see you. >> laura: thanks for being on. when we come back, the pentagon is investigating the ge deal with the chinese. should g.e. be selling jet technology to this communist nation? ♪ [ male announcer ] the most headroom per dollar of any car in america. from $10,990. the all-new nissan versa sedan. innovation upsized. innovation for all.
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8:45 pm
electric putting american security in harm's way by stepping up its avionic business with china? according to the washington times, pentagon officials met with g.e. late last week to express security concerns about the company's transfer of aviation technology to china. the pentagon is worried that these technologies could help boost the chinese military. i say duh to that. it's worth noting that g.e.'s ceo is also the head of president obama's economic recovery advisory board, a questionable choice in light of this deal. with us now, national security correspondent for the washington times, bill gertz who has been following the situation closely. bill, this seems like groundhog day to me because you and i have been talking about this, transfer of technology to china for so many years and, in fact, didn't we have a similar situation to this back in, what was it, 2004? >> yes. it goes back even further to the clinton administration when we had satellite technology which improved chinese missiles.
8:46 pm
the case here involves the g.e. people insist it's purely commercial technology. the pentagon doesn't believe it. they're saying they need to get a license. they highlight the fact that this company involved has been involved in proliferation in the past and it be used to build chinese fighters, which they just unveiled their first stealth fighter in january. >> laura: the joint strike fighter, in fact, did end up using some technology that made its way from the united states. did it not? >> right. there was a big case, a cyber attack, believed to have originated in china where china stole large amounts of data on the joint start fighter and that's believed to be assisting their jet fighter program right now. >> laura: so boeing says look, we're a private company. this is strictly for commercial purposes. we're making money -- >> ge. >> laura: g.e., excuse me. we're making money here, this is a win-win for the united states. and i'm sorry, but when jeff
8:47 pm
immelt down, i call him that, that's a separate story, but he's so close to the obamas, so close to this administration, huge supporter of barak obama, does that raise any questions in your mind about get -- the fact that this deal was allowed to go through at all? >> absolutely. the fact is that there are a number of people on capitol hill on both sides of the aisle that are looking at this and saying did g.e. get favoritism in not having to apply for export licenses because immelt is the job czar for the obama administration. >> laura: this is like giving the rope for the henchman to hang you with, is it not? whether or not they end up using this this year, this technology or next year or five years from now for its own military purposes, i think we need to have a serious conversation in this country, including these republican candidates. in the rise of china a danger to the united states and if so, what are you going to do about it? no one talks about this in the republican field. mitt romney finally talked about the economic angle in his speech
8:48 pm
today. but most of these republicans are not talking about the rise of china. i talked to rick perry about it last week on my radio show and frankly, i didn't think the answer was all that convincing. >> the pentagon just released its long delayed report on the chinese military and the assessment is dire. the chinese are expanding their nuclear force, building antisatellite weapons, they're engaged in cyber warfare against the united states and other nations. this is a huge issue. >> laura: 9.4% economic growth, they have a lot of money to throw around, do they not? >> absolutely. and they hold a lot of our debt, too, and that's part of the debate right now. you have one segment that says look, we don't have to worry about china. on the other hand, there are people in the national security community that say, we've got to do something and now. >> laura: i just think g.e. with this thing with the nuclear reactors in japan and now this with china, i think the microscope has to be put on ge and i know some are starting to do this. i hope they can get answer. >> absolutely. i think congress is the key.
8:49 pm
they'll need to put some things in legislation that are going to have to control to protect our technology doesn't bolster the chinese military. >> laura: that's a nightmare. i appreciate it. in a moment, are aliens going to attack planet earth over global warming? bill talks to penn state researcher about the possibility of an alien invasion. you're not going to believe this, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with the most advanced engine in its class, 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. discover the fastest most powerful gator yet, at the crib is already there. great.
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>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, could aliens attack us earthlings over the global warming situation? it may sound odd, but a team of researchers at penn state university explored this scenario, among others, in a recently published study that examined will extraterrestrial contact would benefit or harm
8:53 pm
humanity. bill sat down with one of the study's authors to discuss the findings. >> so why did you use a hypothetical of extraterrestrials to make a point about global warming? >> the point of the paper was not really to talk about global warming, but to explore what would happen if we do encounter extraterrestrials. we think it's unlikely, but it do happen and if it does happen, it could go down a lot of different ways. global warping was just one scenario. >> so the many thrust of the paper, you and two of penn state was to discuss aliens from outer space? >> it's worth a little bit of serious attention just in case it does happen. >> all right. and so then you bring in global warming as part of the scenario that the extraterrestrials would have to deal with and they'd be teed off, according to you? >> if they see humanity expanding as we have been on
8:54 pm
earth, as civilization that could expand beyond this planet and just as we are a dominant force here on earth, we could become a dominant force across the galaxy. that could be cause for concern to whatever civilizations might happen to exist. >> obviously you didn't see transformers. i mean, those people are -- come on. half the world would feel safe better the autobots completely gone. get them out of here! i'm curious. what are the other negatives besides global warming that the aliens may get teed off about? >> well, the negative here is not global warping itself. what we're really talking about is our expansion as a civilization where the greenhouse gases that are going up into the atmosphere are one sign of that, that's the greenhouse gasses from us burning fassel fuels has been going on especially since the
8:55 pm
industrial revolution and that's a sign of us expanding. >> what if the aliens are doing worse than that? they could be doing anything up there? >> that's a good point n. all likelihood, any extraterrestrial civilization out there is much more advanced than we are. >> all right. if i had submitted this paper to my professors when i was at the kennedy school at harvard, they would have given me an f on this thing because you couldn't do the hypotheticals the way you did them. understand that academic discipline there? >> which are you referring to here? >> your whole thesis about e.t., and aliens and how they react? >> this is a scenario analysis. an analysis of things that could happen. >> yeah, yeah. but 80,000 -- 80 million to one. >> we don't know it could happen and it's just an exercise to help us prepare for an encounter if it does occur. >> okay. >> so there are a lot of things out there that could happen that
8:56 pm
we're not necessarily expecting. >> are you prepared for the alien encounter, are you? >> crossing my fingers it doesn't happen right now. >> but if it does, are you prepared? >> probably not. >> i appreciate you coming in. >> sure, thank you. >> laura: i don't think he's prepared. and pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, starring dick cheney and darth vader? to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. with aerizon mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 5 wifi devices to the internet with lightning-fast verizon 4g lte speed. a gaming device. mp3 pler. connect any 5 for wifi on the go. get the 4g lte mobile hotst now for only $49.99.
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8:59 pm
dick cheney who is promoting his new memoir has been compared by some of his detractors to star wars villain darth vader. he was on the "tonight show" last week and had some fun with the comparison. >> hi, mr. vice president. it's jay leno. >> i'm brushing my teeth. >> i'll be right now. >> is this the suit you will be wearing tonight? >> no, i thought i would wear this, jay. >> laura: for his self depend rating -- for his self deprecating humor, mr. cheney is a patriot. >> visit the website bolder, for info on the show dates. also, don't miss the special promo for premium members. if you sign up, you get a free factor pen, plus lots of behind the scenes access to the show. while you're at it, silly, please pick up my new book, you'll die laughing. i hope not di


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